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Shane Batham.

On the ground, or under the ocean, Shane Batham is one of Australia’s most popular landscape and underwater photographers. His unique angles and perspectives will leave you stunned every time.

Shane is well known for his brilliant photos that grab attention worldwide; he opened his own gallery in 2007 and now sends his images all over the world.

Into The Blue Gallery is based in the Mainstreet of Airlie Beach, and Hayman Island, Queensland Australia.
Both Galleries exhibit a curated selection of his work.
His work is popular not only with travellers to the region but also locals with his imagery adorning many private homes and exclusive Whitsunday resorts.

His incredible Panoramic Images are captured with Medium format Fuji Velvia film in a 3:1 aspect ratio. In his opinion, “Film is not dead!” as he loves the ‘one shot one moment ‘ opportunity, and the colours and depth that film provide.

The Underwater World

Shane has lived in Arlie Beach for over 35 years and knows the importance of respecting the environment around him.
He has an impressive Scuba Diving history spanning over 3 decades and operated a Live-aboard dive boat out into the remote Coral Sea atolls and the Great Barrier Reef and various Southern Queensland locations.

Shane has also dived other South Pacific locations, Fiji, Papua New Guinea Kimbe Bay, Cook Islands, Thailand.
He has logged over 3000 dives and escorted international photo journalists for many years from Australia & Overseas,
learning from the best in the underwater photography field.

Shane also doubles as a writer and has produced various book titles like “Whitsundays” and “Living Reef”,
In the very near future Shane will have his children’s books released, “Little Harvey an Undersea Oddysea” and “ Bella & Anouk an Arctic Adventure”, these books suit children and adults alike will also enjoy their content & messages.